Exo Terra Thermostat (600W)/Hygrostat (100W)

Termostat (600W) / Hygrostat (100W)


  • 12,4x12,7x4,3 cm HK$1,477.58 HK$11,915.97/M

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  • x1 HK$1,477.58 HK$1,477.58/unit
  • x2 -HK$29.55 HK$2,925.61 HK$1,448.03 last unit
  • x3 -HK$44.33 HK$4,388.41 HK$1,433.25 last unit
  • x5 -HK$73.88 HK$7,314.02 HK$1,403.70 last unit

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Features Exo Terra Thermostat (600W)/Hygrostat (100W)

  • Reference15561224642
  • BrandExo Terra
  • Weight1,08 Kg
  • Size12,4x12,7x4,3 cm

Description Exo Terra Thermostat (600W)/Hygrostat (100W)

Termostat (600W) / Hygrostat (100W)

Customer Reviews Exo Terra Thermostat (600W)/Hygrostat (100W)

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